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These words are commonly used by DUSK members and associates:

(A guide to the DUSK vocabulary)

  1. Aight- 1)okay, alright. "That's aight, I don't mind."
  2. Buh-Bye- 1)bye, take care, see ya. "Nice seeing you. Buh-Bye!"
  3. C.D.I.- 1)Can't Do It. "Bystander 1: Dave, can you wash my bicycle? Bystander 2: C.D.I.!"
  4. Cliff- 1)The location that the band plays at the Clinton Arena, a cliff about 11 feet from the ground. "Are you guys psyched about playing on the cliff?"
  5. Clutch- 1)To show a sign of approval. 2)to think something is a good thing. "Bystander 1: Dude, do you want to go to the hockey game? Bystander 2: Sure, that would be so clutch!"
  6. Come on!- 1)Yelled when you need something done. 2)Written: "C'mon". "Come on! Let's get something done you L'sers!"
  7. D'eetst- 1)Said when expressing fierce emotions. "Josh: Dave, could you please carry the speakers up to the cliff? Dave: D'eetst"
  8. Ella- 1)yes, sure. "Bystander 1: Would you like some apples? Bystander 2: Ella!"
  9. Ella Big Time- 1)definitely, much more forceful than 'ella'. "Bystander 1: We are going to a DUSK concert tonight, would you like to come with us?Bystander 2: Ella Big Time!"
  10. Green- 1)also known as the Village Green, it is located in the center of DUSK's home, Clinton, New York. "Did you see DUSK play at the green last night?"
  11. Hah?- 1)pronounced with a raspy "n" sound, used after 'you did, didn't you?' or 'it was wasn't it?' and said about 100 times. "You did, didn't you? Hah?...Hah?"
  12. I don't want to talk about it- 1)Said if you don't want to talk about it. "Hey Kev, do you want to talk about it? No, I don't want to talk about it."
  13. In the cooler- 1)A phrase used during the hockey season meaning "next goal song" so the band knows what the next song to play is when Clinton scores. "ESPN Sportscenter is in the cooler."
  14. It was, wasn't it?- 1)used in a pushy manner, to make sure something is how you say it is.(used pushily) Bystander 1: After the concert I checked out some cars. That Mustang was nice. Bystander 2: It was, wasn't it"
  15. LBT- 1)the measurement of loser in your bloodstream. 2)Loser Big Time. "Bystander 1: What is your blood LBT level? Bystander 2: 140%."
  16. L'ser- 1)an abbreviation for loser. "Why are you such an l'ser?"
  17. Nomes- 1)literal meaning "not much". "Dave: Hey Josh, What's up? Josh: Nomes."
  18. No Mo- 1)literal meaning "not much". A lazy way to say it. "Bystander 1: Hey Bill, what are you up to? Bill: No Mo."
  19. Nyaah- 1)Said when expressing fierce emotions. "Josh: Dave, could you carry the speakers up to the cliff? Dave: Nyaah."
  20. Oh Ella- 1)Normally used as a question, it literally means "really?" or "it does". "Josh: I have a new way to run the band. Dave: Oh Ella?"
  21. On tap- 1)A phrase used during hockey games by the band members meaning "next song". This way, the band knows what song to play at a whistle. "Josh, Greatest American is on tap."
  22. See ya lay- 1)Goodbye. 2)Take care. "Bystander 1: Buh-Bye. Bystander 2: See ya lay."
  23. Sorky- 1)An insult on a person, usually involving intelligence. "Jon, why are you being such a sorky?"
  24. 'Sup- 1)used when trying to be cooler than you actually are. 2)a shorter version of "what's up?" 3)Hello. "Bystander 1: 'Sup? Bystander 2: 'Sup?"
  25. Sure are- 1)said to mean you agree, you will.(used improperly) "Bystander 1: Wow, that is a nice car! Bystander 2: Sure are!"
  26. Sure can- 1)you can, you are able to(used improperly) "Bystander 1: Bobby, did you go to the store for me like I asked?Bobby: Sure can!"
  27. Sure is- 1)Used when admitting something is nice or ugly, etc.(used improperly) "Mrs. Stevens: Billy, those are really nice flying goats, aren't they? Billy Stevens: They Sure Is , Mommy."
  28. Sure roar- 1)similar to 'Sure are' but with more force. 2)where the name 'Crasheroar' evolved.(used improperly) "Switch: Crash, are you coming over to write some music? Crash: Sure roar!"
  29. Sure will- 1)you will, you are going to.(used improperly) "Bystander 1: Do you want to go to the house tonight? Bystander 2: Sure will!"
  30. Tintinabulation- 1)a ringing in the ears. "The tintinabulation of the music is still ringing in my ears."
  31. Trash- 1)a synonym for garbage. "Boy oh boy, that music was trash ."
  32. Uh ha ha-Uh ha ha- 1)A special kind of laugh. "Jon is such a silly kid, uh ha ha-uh ha ha."
  33. You did, didn't you?- 1)used in a pushy manner, to make sure you did something.(used pushily) "Bystander 1: So I went to the bar last night. Bystander 2: You did, didn't you?"
  34. Zimbabwe- 1)a country in Southern Africa where DUSK camping trips and other activities are held, and where the band pretends to go. "Boy, the Zimbabwe Safari sure was fun!."


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