Thank You's

The Members of DUSK & Crasheroar Computer Productions, wish to thank the following:

Blue and White Stars

Our favorite place to eat after a long day.
Pizza-Hut Much of our music was arranged here over some warm, tasty breadsticks.
Infoseek The Best Way To Find What You Want On The Net.
Lycos Find Whatever You Are Looking For.
Excite The intelligent, fun, accurate, hot, fast, cool way to navigate the net.
Yahoo Search Engine.
Magellan Internet Guide.
Borg For their space and help.
Onward Technologies Onward Technologies is a premiere provider of World Wide Web based business solutions.


Clinton High School Varsity Hockey
Clinton High School Varsity Football
Clinton High School Varsity Basketball
Colgate University Varsity Hockey and Basketball
Hamilton College Varsity Basketball
Clinton Fans
Tim Suppe and coaches
Clinton Arena(for our home-away-from-home, the 'Cliff')
Clinton High School
Dr. James Torrance
Frank Perretta
Richard Hunt
Richard Cristaldi
Bonnie Hibbard
Norman Deep
Clinton Jaycees
Kirkland Art Center
Mr. Steven Finch
Mr. Ronald Klausner
Utica Boilers
Buck Buckley(Good Ol' Summertime)
Utica Memorial Auditorium
Frank Nebush
John Retelle
Little River Uniform
The Families of the band members
Crasheroar Computer Productions

....and for those of you we have forgotten, remember that this list is never complete, and we thank you very much....


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