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Blue and White Stars


January 1995

January 3, 1995

- Hockey Game vs. Cortland-Homer which Clinton wins 8-5. First game with mikes. Played again without Mroz. Clinton wins.

January 11-13, 1995

- Parucki comes up with band name-DUSK.

January 13, 1995

- Clinton Hockey game vs. New Hartford. Announcer says "How about Dave Barnaba and the Barnabanettes?" Clinton wins game 7-4.

January 27, 1995

- Clinton Hockey game vs. Skeneatles. Clinton wins 5-2. The premier of "ESPN Sportscenter" before and during game.

January 31, 1995

- Clinton Hockey game vs. Fulton, which we win 11-2.

February 1995

February 9, 1995

- Hamilton College basketball game. Play for the NCAA playoffs. Hamilton loses.

February 10, 1995

- Clinton Hockey vs. West Genessee. Banquet after game. This marks the end of the regular season. Clinton wins 5-3. Band goes out to Carmello's after game.

February 13, 1995

- Recording session at school. There is an audio tape of the session.

February 16, 1995

- Winter pep-rally at school.

February 17, 1995

- Hamilton playoff hockey game in Clinton. Clinton wins 6-2.

February 21, 1995

- Cortland-Homer vs. Clinton hockey game, Clinton wins 11-3.

February 23, 1995

- Dahlin, Barnaba, Young, check out Utica Memorial Auditorium for upcoming playoff game(s).

February 24, 1995

- First game at Utica Memorial Auditorium. Clinton vs. Skeneatles. Clinton wins 6-0. Premier of "We are the Champions."

March 1995

March 4, 1995

- Clinton quarterfinal playoff game at Ogdensburg. Clinton wins 9-2. First away hockey game the band plays at. This is also the most distant location from Clinton that DUSK will ever play at. Cheerleaders steal our money. Band eats at Perkin's in Watertown.

March 11, 1995

- Second aud game for Clinton at Troy La-Salle. Clinton wins. One more game until the championship.

March 12, 1995

- Championship game against Batavia. Clinton wins game and State Championship. There is a tape of the Radio Broadcast in the DUSK archives. Final Record for the 1994-95 Clinton Warriors is 24-1-1.

April 1995


- Hype of championship continues to be the talk of the school.

May 1995

May 15, 1995

- Montage concert at the school. Band agrees to do it near the deadline. Band plays ESPN Sportscenter, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Mammal. There is an audio tape of the concert.

June 1995

June 15, 1995

- Battle of the Bands at the school. Band does not win, but plays Everybody Have Fun Tonight, ESPN Sportscenter, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

June 25, 1995

- Sean Duink's graduation. Band plays at his camp. Band plays at Brantingham Lake. Young throws doughnuts at Barnaba's car.

July 1995

July 3, 1995

- DUSK meets with Mr. Finch and creates design for DUSK shirts to sell to local fans. Band begins selling them at the July 11 green concert.

July 10, 1995

- Band has all-day practice at Dahlin's.

July 11, 1995

- Band plays at concert at Village Green 2-4pm. The concert is on film and an audio tape exists.

July 13, 1995-August 3, 1995

- Barnaba in Germany. Many shirts are sold.

August 1995

August 12, 1995

- Band prepares to play at parade in Clinton, but the float never shows up. Dahlin and Barnaba drive through the parade anyway.

August 19, 1995

- Band practices at Parucki's. Only the core members(Barnaba, Parucki, Mroz, and Dahlin)attend the practice.

August 24, 1995

- Barnaba leaves for his first semester at the Crane School of Music at Potsdam.

September 1995

September 9, 1995

- Band plays at Sauquoit football game without the trombones, who play for the team.

September 16, 1995

- Band plays at game in Herkimer for football. Lucas Hernandez sits in for Barnaba, who is absent, on the bass.

September 30, 1995

- Band plays in Clinton for Mount Markum football game. DUSK plays in second half only; with Eric Cadwell guest appearing on trombone. Barnaba is absent.

October 1995

October 7, 1995

- Band plays at Notre Dame football loss. That night, band throws DUSKstock '95 thank you party for the football and hockey teams.

October 14, 1995

- Band doesn't play at Herkimer game. Dahlin and Barnaba watch the game together in the pouring rain. Vasselli joins them. Clinton wins.


- Band doesn't play for game on October 21 versus New Hartford.

November 1995

November 17, 1995

- Young, Parucki, and Mroz DJ benefit game for Clinton firemen. Yamaha speaker is noticed to be broken, possibly since Ogdensburg.

November 24, 1995

- Band plays at shopper's stroll in the village. Very cold weather freezes the instruments of the band. The band plays "Jingle Bells" on the float. The crowd enjoys the performance.

December 1995

December 2, 1995

- Band plays at Clinton's opening season game vs. Troy La-Salle. First time with new sound system. Clinton wins 8-2. Parucki seemingly quits the band for part of the day.

December 15, 1995

- Band plays at Clinton hockey game vs. Hamilton. Chris Barron sits in with the trombones as a guest. Clinton wins 8-2. John Adams leaves halfway through game.

December 20, 1995

- Band is asked to play at green in the summer of 1996.

December 22, 1995

- Band plays at Proctor hockey game which Clinton wins 9-2. Band loses power during the game. Adams gets in fight during game.

December 23, 1995

- Young and Barnaba begin a band chronology.

December 28, 1995

- Band plays at first hockey loss in the history. A tough 6-4 loss to Greece in a Rome tournament questions DUSK's credibility out of Clinton.

December 29, 1995

- Band plays in Rome again against Canton. A very exciting 3-2 win near the end in the tournament consolation game.

Blue and White Stars

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Blue and White Stars


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